First Day 14/09/2015

Today was my first day working with SLR Design. The people I have my apprenticeship with are Tom and Bex. I work with two other apprentices as well, who have also just joined today. We were welcomed and given a computer, which then had to be set up because non of them were connected to the internet. We then set up an email each and a blog each, this blog for me, to be specific. A word of warning, I have never written a blog before, and any diaries I have tried to write were given up within the first week, so these posts may be rather bad. Anyways, we were then given the task to create a self portrait, that has to be finished by the end of the week. Thankfully I was able to access the internet by now, so I was able to research portraits and I have now come up with a couple of ideas, which should look amazing, hopefully, well at least fabulous. I have to apparently update this every day, so I will post again tomorrow!



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