Logo Project 13/11/2015

Hi Gang!

So, for the past 3 – 4 weeks, I have been working on a logo project. We had to pick either an existing company or a company that belongs to a family member or a friend. Therefore, I decided to use my Dads company, FreakGeek, which is an app designing company. I came up with a page of ideas and then tied them all out on Photoshop:

I can up with these ideas and sent them to my Dad, asking him which one he liked best, and he told me he liked this one best:

Symbol copy

So from this feedback, I am creating a Stationary Pack, which includes a business card and a letter heading, and a website design, both of which will include the logo.

I was also asked by my Gran to create a logo for her Inspire Choir and Washington Musical Society. The Inspire Choir works in tandem with the Women’s Institute, to create charity events, such as concerts.

So, for the Washington Musical Society I created these logos:

Once I had sent them to her, she replied that she liked this one the best:


Although, originally, I spelled Washington wrong, because I am a silly goose. Anyways, I then created a poster, using the logo and a picture, that I had from a previous performance of the Washington Musical Society.

WMS Poster copy

I am also creating a next performance poster, which will highlight when the next performance is. The tickets for the next performance will also include my logo.

I have created these logos for the Inspire choir:

However, my Gran didn’t particularly like them, as she wanted something that included the WI logo, so I came up with these ideas:

And in the end she picked this logo:

Inspire WI 2

I am now putting this logo onto two different posters and tickets for the next performance.

Megan, signing off! Xx


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