Sketch Week 07/01/2016

Hello again Gang!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday!

So this week, it has been sketch week! Basically, the brief told us that we had to create a logo, a character, a typography and some sticker designs. I decided to link all of mine together and create a game by using a logo for a game company, the typography for the game title, the character design for the game character and a sticker designs for fake merchandise.

So, the logo I have is the same as a one I had already designed, because I had drawn it out anyways, I just changed it a bit. So here is the sketch and the final design.

I also did two other designs but I didn’t like them as much.

I got the idea for the game from the drawing I did, which I got from the name Wolf Alice, which popped into my head. I them took that and scanned it into Illustrator and used live trace, which turned it into the most creepiest thing I have ever seen! Seriously!

Wolf Alice Live Trace copy.jpg

So this was then used for the game cover then I needed to create a font so I drew out what I wanted the title to look like, and then live traced it. This is two which I came up with, then I decided on the bottom one.

So I put these three things together and created the box for the game. At first I did three slightly different versions but I prefer the one I have the PS4 and Xbox versions.

I then decided to do some character developments. I already had the idea for Alice but I wanted to add another character, so I created another character, Hatter. Here are the sketches and finished work.

Character Development Alice Colour copy

Character Development Hatter Colour copy

To be honest these characters have creeped me out never mind anyone else. So these would be characters that you would interact with during the game. So the last thing I needed to do was create some stickers and so I used some of the concepts of the game.

Stickers copy.jpg

I finally decided to create some game concept art. I decided on a twisted corridor, and added my characters into it. I created both a Grayscale image and a full colour image.

Game Concept Grayscale copy

Game Concept Colour copy

If this is something you think looks good, please let me know, one day I might get round to making it a real game!

Megan, signing off! Xx


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