The Bunker 21/03/2017

Hi gang!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I have started a traineeship at this place called The Bunker in Sunderland. The Bunker is an organisation which aims to develop music and art in the city of Sunderland. And I personally love the place hahah. So this past week we got split into two groups and we have been creating podcasts of our own. It took my group a while to finally decide what we were going to do hahah, but we eventually decided to do a podcast on ranting, where we basically rant, about anything and everything that bothers us and we called it James and the Giant Rant. Then Olivia came up with the idea of doing a visual podcast, because, let’s face it, watching people get riled up over something is just hilarious hahah. So we each took on roles, James has become the presenter, simply because, how can he not, if we have decided on the name James and the Giant Rant!

Anyways the Tuesday was a little different, we went out about Sunderland and made our way to Sunderland University, to Spark FM. We were told that on Tuesdays we would get a little segment on the radio that we would control! Daunting prospect haha! So we were shown the layout of the recording studios and how the mix desk worked. Also how the most important thing is LEVELS, yep you saw correct, levels, of sound, of course. They are most important as they need to be within a certain range, between 5 and 6 I believe, (I would be so embarrassed if I was wrong!) It’s alright if they are slightly low as they can be edited, but if they are too high it can distort the sound, rendering it useless! So, yeah, check your levels kids! At the end of the day, I found the whole radio thing really interesting! I can’t wait to learn more about it!

However, I think I’ve just about tired my fingers out writing this! If you want to learn more about our podcast check out the links below! And get involved!

Thanks for reading!

Megan, signing off! Xx


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