The Bunker 21/03/2017

Hi gang! So as I mentioned in my last post, I have started a traineeship at this place called The Bunker in Sunderland. The Bunker is an organisation which aims to develop music and art in the city of Sunderland. And I personally love the place hahah. So this past week we got split into […]

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I’m Back! 21/03/2017

So, Hi Gang! Yeah, it’s been a while, I know. But i’m back now! So, as for what happened to me, well the Apprenticeship I was on, and the company I was with went into administration and I unfortunately lost my apprenticeship. So after 6 months of trying to look for another job or apprenticeship […]

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Book Cover 05/02/2016

Hi Gang! Today we were given the task of reinventing a cover of a book of our choice. I chose Alice in Wonderland as it is one of my classic favourites. I decided to do a collection of line drawings on the cover and so created line drawings of Alice, The White Rabbit and The […]

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208 Print Week 2 04/02/2016

Hi Gang! This week I have been carrying on with 208 Prints. This week I had the idea of creating a selection of Steampunk and Cyberpunk cartoon portraits and line drawings. I started off looking at a selection of photographs of Steampunks and Cyberpunks then I drew them all out: I then have started to […]

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208 Print Week 15/01/2016

Hi Gang! This week we have been given the task of creating a selection of prints that we could sell on our print website. I have followed on from what I was doing last Friday and created more quote prints: I also did some Character pictures from Rise of the Guardians and then designed my […]

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Sketch Week 07/01/2016

Hello again Gang! I hope everyone had a nice holiday! So this week, it has been sketch week! Basically, the brief told us that we had to create a logo, a character, a typography and some sticker designs. I decided to link all of mine together and create a game by using a logo for […]

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