Movie Posters 11/12/2015

Hi Gang! So, this week, we were given the task of taking movie posters and creating our own versions of them, or mixing movies. So, I picked the theme of Batman and created these posters: The Mask: Underworld: The Matrix: Thanks for reading! Megan, signing off! Xx

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Logo Project 13/11/2015

Hi Gang! So, for the past 3 – 4 weeks, I have been working on a logo project. We had to pick either an existing company or a company that belongs to a family member or a friend. Therefore, I decided to use my Dads company, FreakGeek, which is an app designing company. I came […]

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Illustrator 12/10/2015

Hi Gang! So today we were asked to demonstrate our skills on Adobe Illustrator. I did a few simple drawings using the pen tool, the shape tool and the paint bucket. I first created a little monster: I think he looks quite cute, yeah? Next I created a desk scene from above with a laptop, […]

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First Day 14/09/2015

Today was my first day working with SLR Design. The people I have my apprenticeship with are Tom and Bex. I work with two other apprentices as well, who have also just joined today. We were welcomed and given a computer, which then had to be set up because non of them were connected to […]

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